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Tantra4GayMen USA

We are a Tantra School dedicated to the personal and spiritual growth of gay and bisexual men through Tantra.

If you are looking for a way forward, a way to enrich your life, to give it purpose and meaning then maybe we can help you in this quest.

There is so much available to you at This website has our Events and Workshops, Articles about Tantra, our Photo Galleries and Videos and our Social Network of over 800 men, just like you. 

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Whether you live life in the nude, or just enjoy the freedom of occasionally hanging out with other naked guys, welcome to Gay Naturists International!
For 30+ years, we’ve been at the forefront of efforts to provide venues and activities for gay, bisexual and gay-friendly male naturists. When we shed our clothes, we shed much of what separates us. It allows us to connect on deeper and different levels. We see and accept each other, and ourselves, for who we are. This is the spirit that brings our members together year after year at The Gathering and draws new and old members to our popular NakedFest. It’s like a family reunion. Even if you can’t attend NakedFest or The Gathering, I hope you can join us at other GNI-sponsored events to get a taste of the fun and fellowship!
In addition to our growing list of events, we offer exclusive discounts to GNI members, and give you a private place to interact with fellow members online. We’re also the most reliable source for information on local male naturist organizations (view the internet’s most accurate and comprehensive listing of male nudist clubs here), and continually work to strengthen these ties. And finally, we’re your link to the wider naturist community, through the Naturist Action Committee (NAC). NAC stands up for your rights, which is crucial in the fight to preserve clothing-optional and nude beaches.
So what are you waiting for?
Strip off your clothes and join us—it’s fun!